-Government Members (Continued)-







Board of Review


Zoning Board of Appeals

Chairman - Richard Farrell


Chairman - Kester Wells

     Walt Reimer   


 Russ Burnap

 Edward Ferguson


Jackie Chatterton

William Lawrence

Bernard O'Leary

Donald Monroe


Dennis LaRoe




Planning Board


Housing Authority
Chairman - Lloyd Beaudoin


Chairman - Byron Short
Elizabeth Roy


Harold Emlaw
Larry Richards

Philip Lynch
Douglas von Borstel


Edward Ferguson

Marshall Smith


Alex Sabad

Library Trustees

Chairman - Malcolm Starks
Tim Opdyke
Bill MacIntire
Sally Hayes
 Clare Bresee
Margaret Connelly
Museum Board
Chairman - Tony Norcerino
Clark Warner
Pat Fanning
Marcia Wing
Lee Turner
Loris King
Ann Todd
Colleen Macnamara
 Hollis Snyder
Jennette Spencer
 Abby LaPage


Youth Commission
Paul Durant
Chris Dufresne   
Renee Young
Thomas LaVigne
Duane Carson
Karis Munson
Town Historian (315)384-3136
Leon Burnap


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